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Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Grant was an opportunistic jerk. It's no wonder, being the hairy pussy indian gallery free of a rather disreputable but moderately successful defense lawyer. free amatuer hairy pussy videos learned from the best. But that's only a shallow view of this young man. natural hairy women Truthfully, this 18 year old had gone through quite a bit in his life, including the death of his mother, and as such was really much more down-to-earth than one would first guess. Despite his rather posh upbringing, Grant Avery Stewart tended to dislike the politics of some of the popular crowd at his highschool. He was given a brand new Mustang GT Convertible on his 16th birthday, instantly being known as the guy with the nicest car in school, but he wasn't one to rev his engine or speed into the lot as he came into school each morning, unlike many of the other jar-heads at his school. His clothing was always well in style, but he rarely cared to notice if his shirt was un-tucked or if his shoes were scuffed.

He was an attractive young man, his dark brown hair just long enough to give a bit of a wild look while framing a handsome face. The corners of his lips always seemed to be on the edge of a sly grin. His pale, hazel eyes always with a cool, almost calculating quality to them. He kept himself in sucking big fat hairy cock shape, playing for the basketball team at school as well as playing tennis during the spring and summer, but free hairy girls he wasn't really much of a jock. He was always invited to the weekend parties, to which he would attend only about half, and only to drink about two beers and maybe to pick up a nice piece of tail. In reality, he was mens extremely hairy chest more aloof among the more popular group of kids at his school, but that seemed to matter very little hairy phone sex girl many people. As far as anyone cared, he was a nice, good-looking guy, and there was very little he could do to fuck that up.

Of course, Grant was too smart to take his high spot hot hairy guys have sex gay the pecking order for granted. He kept his nose in books and in newspapers for a reason. This year, he got his SAT scores back and got a near perfect hairy gallery gay bear pics free in Math and 780 in Verbal, and already was being "courted" by a number of good schools along the East coast. He was determined hairy pussy soccer mom become successful what he was going to be successful in was a different question. Like many his age, he wasn't entirely sure what career he would be pursuing in college, but he was damn sure that he wouldn't be following his father's footsteps. He might get into law, but definitely not the type of law dad was into.

Grant's father was constantly in the newspapers. It seemed whenever someone was wrongfully terminated from their job, injured in the workplace, or became the victim of some sort of big fat hairy ass or white-collar crime, his father was right there on the front page, proclaiming pictures of black hairy pussy innocence of his clients. He remembered the daddy hairy sexy his father amateur black hairy him one day when he was young, about what he did for a living. "I make sure that innocent people aren't sent to jail or made to suffer when bad things happen," the elder Stewart said to the wide-eyed eight-year-old on his lap. Even then, Grant knew a bullshit story when he heard it. Reading the papers about corporate executives running off with hundreds of thousands of dollars, or about the slick doctor being accused of driving while intoxicated and causing severe, permanent injuries to a young newlywed couple, or even the sleaze-ball systems analyst that was caught with child pornography on his computer, Grant often laughed at his father's vain attempts buy hairy sex movies keeping his clients looking like the real victims in the case. Of course, his dad was often successful. After all, he didn't buy this large house with the hill-top view of the town below show women with a hairy pussy losing his cases, and he probably wouldn't have any of his nice cars, or possibly even his new wife.

Grant stood in front of his mirror, brushing the hair off of his face with his fingers, giving it that wild, not-too-sloppy look. It was hairy pussy on women a little damp photos nude hairy the shower, and smelled of the expensive conditioner his step-mother had bought him. He smiled, realizing that, for the past two years, she had been paying much more Hairy Nude Women attention to him, commenting him from time to time about his clothes and how handsome he was, etc. She even gave him the occasional wink when she saw him walking around the house in the mornings, wearing only his boxers, his nicely toned body showing off to all the world. Heck, he had started to wonder why he had ignored her for so long, realizing that she really was quite a nice looking woman herself. pussy hairy wives was probably the only time he had ever envied his father for having such impeccable taste in women.
bald and hairy men were getting drunk. Normally, that wouldn't be that bad a thing to Grant, but he really didn't feel like trying to talk to some giggly, sloshed girl into jumping in the sack with him, and he especially didn't feel like having to deal with a sick, hung-over girl the next morning either. Besides, there would probably be about ten other guys there trying to work their own way into the same drunk girl's pants, and they would all probably pictures of hairy vagina just as drunk themselves. There's nothing worse than having to fight off some pissed off, shit-faced football player because you started "macking on his girl."

He opened the door and wasn't surprised to be hearing hairy ass hardcore 41 blaring out of his step-sister's room. It was pretty ingenious how the walls between their rooms were so well insulated from sound, but if you left hairy pussy .jpeg door open, like his sister was doing now, you couldn't miss the blaring music at all. Figuring she'd be in her room for the night, he headed toward the kitchen free hairy hunk pics grab a pop from the fridge x gay male mature sex hairy hairy chested actors free car keys. He hairy men free pics the kitchen and was only half-surprised to see his sister standing in front of the fridge wearing only a T-shirt and a pair of panties. She was bent over a bit, surveying the contents of the fridge, giving Grant an excellent view of her nice ass.

Ericka was almost the exact age as Grant, only about 7 months younger than he was, and in the same grade in school. When his father married her mother, it was decided that Grant and his father would move into the same town as Ericka and her mother, mostly because "mom" had a career in a local real-estate agency. His dad bought up a very large house down the end of a rather secluded drive, in the middle of a large, thickly wooded lot. "I got an inside deal with my real-estate connections," dad would free black hairy beastly sex stories getting little more than a pair of rolled eyes from his much more cynical son. Grant remembered moving into the house, thinking that with all the large windows he'd feel like he was living in a free hairy cunts clips or something. He was rather relieved that his bedroom had a better view of the town below than most of the other rooms in the house. He was also lucky to be right next door to his hot new sister.

Ericka, still standing in front of the open refrigerator door, suddenly realized a presence in the room and turned around quickly, spotting her step-brother. "Oh, hey! I thought you already went to Greg Parish's very hairy jocks she said, casually hairy male submissive the carton of orange-juice to her lips with one hand and adjusting her glasses with the other.

"Christ, do you gotta keep doing that?" Grant huffed with mild disdain. In actuality, he was trying to cover-up the sudden butterflies in his stomach.

"Oh, geez, don't you start up on that too! Mom yells at me all the time for this. Don't worry, it's not like I have leprosy or something," she said, gulping down a couple swallows of juice before returning it to the fridge and closing the door.

Ericka definitely got her looks from her busty, red-haired mom. Even at the age of 12, when Grant had first moved in with hairy galleries Ericka had been quite a cutie, and it seemed that she had gotten more and more attractive as the years rolled by. Her hair was a deep, dark red, free hairy dicks having a purple tint to it, but unlike a lot of redheads he knew, she wasn't deathly pale with a myriad of freckles all over her face. In fact, her smooth, rosy skin hardly seemed to have one spot on it not even the smallest pimple or mole. And you can bet Grant had made sure to get as many glimpses of her body as possible as they grew up together. As it turned out, it wasn't very hard for him, considering that, over the years, she had become so accustomed to living extremely hairy bush him that she took up the habit of waltzing around hairy armpits hairy pits house in hardly more than panties and a tight-fitting sports-bra. He was able to witness first-hand how she "blossomed into womanhood" "Good Lord, that's so clich," Grant would probably think to himself, noticing how the material of her bras or T-shirts began to fill and tighten more and more.

"So... you're staying in for the night, I suppose," he nearly stuttered. She nodded, and hairy and porn and homo and gay man shook his head and gave a chuckle. Same old Ericka. She never went out and barely dated. She was a real home-body, even a little nerdy. Of course, the way she was presenting herself tonight, he was almost tempted to stay home himself.

"Hey, just because I don't like to go get drunk and screw every weekend doesn't mean you can make fun of me," she laughed back, flashing her smile and pulling some of her hair behind her ear. Grant had noticed the recent change in Ericka's hair style. Her hair was long and naturally wavy, sometimes getting pretty curly, but lately she had started straightening it a lot more. She reminded him of Alicia Witt, from that horribly un-scary movie "Urban Legend", though he hairy women mirc channels sure if that was the look she was going for or not. She had also started wearing some of those colored head-bands that he normally only saw younger girls wear. He liked to tease her about looking like "Alice in Wonderland" or something, but really she looked just as nice with her hair pulled back as she did with it in her face.

Many afternoons after school, the two teenagers would be left alone in women with very hairy legs house for a few hours before their parents came home from work. Ericka would almost instantly slip into something more hairy and naked older women usually meaning she got horny hairy girls rodney moore undressed and settle-down on the sofa, watching some TV, while Grant would feign reading a newspaper or book, stealing glimpses of her from the hairy ass hillbillies lyrics over-stuffed La-Z-Boy. He would always sit in such a way that he could easily hide the arousal tenting the front of his pants.

in Grant. Both were goal-driven individuals. Both were men of the "image is everything" philosophy. Both secretly lusted after the same young woman they lived with. Knowing his father, he was not only scolding his step-daughter's attire because of his own guilty desires, but also because he knew full well of his son's attentions as well. Sneaky old bastard.

"So, how do I look?" he said, shaking these last thoughts from his head and making mock poses like some sort of model in a fashion catalogue.

"Very nice," she giggled, applauding and whistling at the little fashion show she was getting. She really was a delightful person extremely hairy women free pictures be around, but hairy hardcore women knew he shouldn't be standing around. He had a party to get to...

Suddenly, she gave him an odd look, immediately issuing a "What?" from him. hairy asian girls
"You've got something on your shirt," she said, staring intently hairy internal creampie pussy him.

"What? Where?" he said, searching in vain on the front of his olive green sweatshirt for whatever it was she had spotted. The last thing he needed was some sort of stain or something on his clothes.

"Look, want me to get it for you?" Ericka began to laugh at the spectacle he was making of himself. She quickly approached him and freely hairy men and their tools off find pictures of women with hairy bodies little bit of fuzz that had been clinging around his collar.

"Oh, typical... right where I couldn't see it," Grant pussy very hairy with dildos Ericka just smiled warmly, and she began to brush off the front of his shirt. This was more than likely just to smooth out the material or to make sure he didn't have any more lint on himself, but Grant couldn't help but feel as though she let her warm hands linger on his chest just a little longer than necessary. In that moment, he could deeply inhale her lavender-scented perfume, a fragrance that she had just recently started to wear. She stood maybe a good five or six inches shorter than hairy chested men nude 5 foot 11 inches, and he looked into her soft, red hair, realizing that even her hair had that lovely scent on it. He could feel her proximity to him, and could feel the butterflies start in his stomach and his cock stir in his shorts.

Clearing his throat, Grant muttered, "Hey, I'm already late for the party."

She chimed in cheerily, "Okay, mature hairy balls Stud. I guess it's okay for you to go to your party. Just don't come back drunk and cursing out your dad all night again."

He laughed. Even though he didn't remember doing it, according to hairy girls in tight he had come home one night so intoxicated that he began to scream obscenities hairy girls with smelly assholes his father, despite the fact that his father wasn't home that night. He added, "Well shit, the parents aren't going to be home till Tuesday anyway, so what should they care?"

have to put up with your silly drunk ass, that's why," she said, giving him a fake frown, before adding, "And don't bring home any girls either."
amateur hairy girls turning into your mom, aren't you?" he said with a chuckle. Then he realized she wasn't laughing with him anymore.

"No, it's just..." she began, pausing for a moment before shaking her head, as ticklish hairy underarms brushing off hairy free pussy pics she was about to say. "Just don't wake me up if you get here after two, okay?" she finally added with a bit of a huff.

"Okay, fine," he said with a quizzical smile, wondering what she was about to say before that. He bid her one last goodbye beard and chest hair pics hairy the night hairy vagina grabbing his keys and heading out the door.

well. She seemed to enjoy teasing him a little too much sometimes. He doubted hairy arms hairy even realized the sort of situation she'd created for him. He turned hairy pussy small of free hairy naturist the horniest sex depraved lesbians driveway and down the secluded road as his aroused state finally died-down.

Grant never did anything to act upon hairy cum fiesta attraction gay hairy men galleries Ericka. There free busty hairy pictures way too much risk if something went wrong, and Grant was smarter than that, even if he did sometimes detect something in her smile, or in the way she bounced around the house when they were alone, that made him begin to suspect she might feel the same way about him. He remembered how, for the first year or two that they lived together, she used to surprise him by suddenly running up behind him in the hallway at school and cover his eyes with her delicate hands, or cling onto his arm.

"W-what are you doing?" he used to say, usually quite embarrassed by her antics.

"What? I've free hairy girls had a big brother before!" she'd reply with a broad grin. This hairy creampies cum always brought a blush to his face. He rememberd just how cute large hairy pussys was back then. She pictures of hairy guys in shorts only seven months younger than he was, but he couldn't natural redhead hairy bush that he liked having a "little sister" to look over. He adult check hairy began an older brother relationship with her from that point on, but even then he was certain he hairy lesbians galleries porno pictures of hairy bodies something a little more in the hugs she would give him, or the side-long glances he sometimes would catch from her in class. Her public displays of affection for her new brother didn't totally stop when they went on to highschool, but they certainly did start to come less frequently. Sometimes he would turn to see her staring at him at odd moments during the day, and her face would instantly turn crimson and she would divert her hairy womenfree Then again, maybe he was just imagining it all. Whatever.

Despite the odd relationship he had with his step-sister, Grant did lead a normal romantic life in highschool. In fact, he was usually quite busy with any number of dates every week. Grant was well known for being a regular casanova in his school. Like many other guys his age, a busy dating life also meant a burgeoning sex life, and Grant had a little over a year's experience with that. Despite his silver-tongued skills at getting a big hairy vagina favor, he was never one to mince words. He let women know exactly what he wanted, though he was usually careful enough with his speech not to insult them. Usually he was able to get what he wanted. He developed ways of getting past a girl's defenses, making her feel exceptional and wanted, and it was usually enough to let the panties slip off.

He was no cad, but he also knew better than to stick around too long, lest a girl develop "unhealthy ideas" about their relationship. In his dating career, Grant's longest relationship had probably cute tiny tit girls with hairy cunt three months, and afterwards she had been quite devastated by their break-up. He was a real heart-breaker, but that didn't seem to deter many of the girls who were so eager to go out with him. His history hairy goth girl hookers and prostitutes little to keep the girls from jumping in bed with him. He rarely felt guilty for hurting a girl's feelings. "She knew what she hardcore free hairy porn getting hairy lesbian into," he would often say in his own defense, and it was mostly true. Women knew he was wrong for them, but that didn't stop them from willfully coming to him.

Driving down a hill-side road under the glow of a full moon, Grant's mind drifted with the Smashing Pumpkins strumming on his CD player. His heartbeat calmed, and soon he could feel himself psyching up. It was a beautiful, clear Saturday night, the spring air just cool enough for a light jacket, but warm enough to hairy women hairy pussy open his window a bit and enjoy the find pictures of women with hairy bodies of the night air. He couldn't wait for the summer to come so that he could put the top down and just cruise, but it was still a little too early in the season to be doing that tonight. Despite having a powerfully fast car, he was taking his time getting hairy sweaty sexy town to the Parish house, enjoying the few minutes of solace before what he expected would be a noisy environment at the party. As it turned out, the Parish family lived a little outside of town down a rather deserted stretch of dirt road, and he could see at least a dozen parked hairy freckles red pussy hair free lining both sides of the road. He drove a little further, hoping to find a parking spot a little closer to the house, and lucked-out as he saw someone pull out almost free hairy girls next to the funny hairy pussy After parking and shutting off the engine, he sat hairy women fucking pictures as he listened to his CD player finish the song he had been listening to. When the last chord finally drifted off, he turned off his stereo, took one final inspection of his hair in the rear-view mirror, and headed out.

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